Everyone needs to sleep from the moment they are born, so they are also in direct contact with the place where they spend this time. Today, we call it a bed in the Western world, but where did it all start?

Being a parent is the most wonderful thing, but sometimes there comes a point when we feel completely exhausted, lost, and want nothing just to escape the world to an uninhabited island.

The cot plays an important role in the life of the new family member, as it will spend most of his time there. Babies sleep up to 17 hours in the first months of life, so it is important that the baby feels comfortable. If the baby is happy, the mommy is happy.


That's exactly what we're going to help you with in our article to make your job easier!

If you wake up again with a sore back, a sore waist, count on the consequences. After a distressed night, it will not be an easy day. But even worse, your spinal column will eventually be destroyed. What can you do about it?

As in all life processes, a person is present with his whole body in the sleep state, and although the physical activity of the musculoskeletal organs (bones, joints, muscles) is very low. There are a few specific aspects that should be taken into account that affect the quality of sleep.

Choosing a mattress is a very subjective thing. Who has a good mattress is very different and divisive as a human being. However, there are a few "recipes" that can be equally useful for anyone.

Part 2 of our natural fiber fillings.
Camel hair, alpaca and lamb or sheep wool.

Cotton, flax and wild silk stuffing. What exactly can / should you know about these materials? You can find answers to these questions after reading our article below.

What is a good pillow like? What should you pay attention to when choosing a pillow?

Our functional fiber-filled bedding is made from environmentally friendly recycled raw materials: high-purity, harmless ocean plastics.

The material of our Coral products is excellent vapor permeability and hypoallergenic. Comfort is provided by great form-keeping comfort and soft touch.


By purchasing product(s) produced with sustainable technology, we take care of our future!

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Over the past century, with our product developments, we have created a range of products that provide ideal sleeping conditions for every single person. We have put together our range of duvets, pillows, mattresses and beds, produced by highly qualified Hungarian professionals, representing a traditional, uncompromising brand, in line with the state-of-the-art developments, the regular examination of sleep patterns and the innovative research results of the Billerbeck "Schlaf und Gesundheit" Foundation.

Good support relieves the spine and retains its natural S-shape. It distributes the weight of the body parts differently over the entire surface of the mattress. It takes on the contour of the body. The more health zones a mattress has, the better its support capacity, the better it adapts to individual needs of the body, making it as comfortable as possible. The core and cover of the mattress ventilates completely, allowing the complete evaporation of the absorbed moisture, ensuring the hygiene of the sleeping environment. It is made of the best materials, which guarantees a long service life. Comfortable in all sleeping positions.

Sleep Studio Memory Program™

Sleep Studio's self developed product line, combining years of experience and the latest achievements in the industry. Excellent mechanical properties, anatomical aspects, retaining flexibility and health criteria all played a role in the design and implementation of Memory Foam products.

Memory foam products are also often advertised as hypoallergenic, but this does not mean that it cannot cause an allergic reaction. This only means that the chance of developing allergic reactions has been minimized.

It is said that memory (visco elastic foam) was the biggest breakthrough in the sleep industry since springs were introduced into mattresses in 1925. It is well known that memory foam is currently the best pressure-relieving material in the industry. Use this information, study it in depth to know exactly what the benefits of using memory foam are and how it works, what benefits come from regularly sleeping on memory foam surfaces.

If you frequently have back pain, you are among most European people.

The memory foam topper relieves pressure points for a more restful sleep.