Signs of a good mattress

03/03/2014 14:02
Signs of a good mattress

Good support relieves the spine and retains its natural S-shape. It distributes the weight of the body parts differently over the entire surface of the mattress. It takes on the contour of the body. The more health zones a mattress has, the better its support capacity, the better it adapts to individual needs of the body, making it as comfortable as possible. The core and cover of the mattress ventilates completely, allowing the complete evaporation of the absorbed moisture, ensuring the hygiene of the sleeping environment. It is made of the best materials, which guarantees a long service life. Comfortable in all sleeping positions.



What is the ideal mattress for us: hard or soft?

Either can be true. The most important thing is that the spine retains its S-shape, is well supported, and you feel comfortable.

The question of "which mattress is good for whom" is very subjective. It depends on our sleeping habits and age.


Which is more comfortable: the single or double mattress?

No two people are the same, our needs and body composition are different. The single mattress is chosen for everyone individually. In the case of two single mattresses, we do not disturb the rest with waving caused by our movement.

Two identical mattresses should be purchased separately if you later plan to use a motorized or head - to - foot lift bed frame to support your mattress, or if one side has a heavier weight.

Another influencing factor may be that if you choose a heavy mattress, the two single mattresses will be easier to rotate.


Is a good mattress enough for healthy sleep?

The good properties of a mattress only work together with a good bed frame and bed slats. Therefore, it is important to provide adequate support for our reclining pad. Be sure to rule out the possibility of placing the new mattress on top of your old mattress! If the support under the mattress is not straight, then our new mattress will also break down sooner.



Expensive or cheaper mattress?


Don't be tempted by special prices, pushy ads. Make sure the mattress you choose matches the properties of a good mattress (see above). Try the mattress, lie on it for a few minutes, make sure it is comfortable even during prolonged use. Only then compare prices. Buy the one that offers the most at the best price. (Best value for money).

If we wake up tired and shattered after a restless night, our waist, back, shoulders and neck hurt, the most common reason is that our body is not supported properly by the mattress. An average mattress cannot provide differentiated support for the different weights and individual pressure sensitivities of each body part.