Sleep Studio Memory Product Line

21/10/2013 14:01
Sleep Studio Memory Product Line

Sleep Studio Memory Program™

Sleep Studio's self developed product line, combining years of experience and the latest achievements in the industry. Excellent mechanical properties, anatomical aspects, retaining flexibility and health criteria all played a role in the design and implementation of Memory Foam products.




The mattresses in our Memory Program have been specially developed for people with frequent spine and back pains. Nearly half of the back and spine injuries are caused by the wrong mattress. Relief of the spinal column and relaxation of the muscles of the torso only occurs if the different parts of the body are supported individually, e.g. the waist is easily supported and the shoulder is gently received.


The most important feature of our Memory Program products is that memory foams are extremely slow and inflexible. This allows them to absorb external mechanical influences and greatly reduce pressure points.

The open molecular structure of the foam system has been designed to assume its most inelastic state at the temperature closest to body temperature (34-35 °C), thus ensuring maximum pressure distribution. This means that the material structure softens on contact with body temperature.

It ensures an even distribution of the pressure exerted on the human body by the mattress or pillow, which also has a positive effect on blood circulation. At the same time, it fixes the body in an optimal position, reducing the frequency of rotations, which greatly contributes to restful sleep.



A special feature of our product family is the foam density of 60 kg / m3, which already includes a very high quality memory foam. This number is especially important when buying a memory foam mattress. 40 kg/m3 foams are called store foams. They are usually marketed by multinational companies because they have the most favorable goods, but their quality is questionable.


Most memory foam mattresses on the market have a foam density of 50 kg / m3, which is why the foam density of 60 kg / m3 is exceptional, as it belongs to the affordable category, unlike the high-quality 95-100 kg / m3 category.


Our products are cast to the exact size and height at the factory, not cut from industrial blocks to end users. Thus, we can say that handicraft technology characterizes these types of memory foam goods, taking great care to ensure that our customers receive a high quality product.


The Sleep Studio Memory Program ™ Mattress will help you to create the conditions for a full sleep in the long run!

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Health criteria all played a role in the design and construction of Memory Mattresses. We need to create a reclining surface that takes into account the specific shapes and weight distribution of the human body. Ergonomic aspects are crucial in this, the essence of which is personalized comfort and the enforcement of anatomical features.


AlvásStúdió Memory Program™The mattress is practically made of a special combination of a flexible molded foam and a layer of memory, which is divided into several zones to support the body that wants to relax, evenly distributing the weight. Developed by NASA in the field of space exploration. One of the great benefits of Memory Foam is that it absorbs body pressure and relaxes the neck, shoulder and back muscles - and at the same time supports them properly (so joint pain can be reduced or lying down, headaches, numbness), better blood supply.


The number of changes in the situation may decrease, so its daily use has a complex effect on the harmony and health of our body; dissolves the so-called "governing meridian" blocks and has a beneficial effect on muscle and vasospasm as well. It also provides a deeper sleep and a more restful awakening!

It is manufactured in an antibacterial design, with special emphasis on the health factor. Its main advantage is that it is resistant to fungi and bacteria; therefore, it is also recommended for allergy sufferers. In the long run, the Sleep Studio Memory Program Mattress will help you create the conditions for a full sleep!


We produce in different sizes with ALOE VERA covers to suit different needs.

The main features of the Aloe vera cover are: 

  • Thousands of years of application in healing
  • It provides protection against bacteria, microorganisms and fungi
  • Provides protection against insects
  • It is made without the use of toxic substances
  • Refreshing, soothing effect, provides well-being
  • Soft, pleasant to the touch