Part 2 of our natural fiber fillings

06/05/2019 14:10
Part 2 of our natural fiber fillings

Part 2 of our natural fiber fillings.
Camel hair, alpaca and lamb or sheep wool.

Wool stuffed products

Birka gyapjúExtremely comfortable and soft duvets can be made with wool fiber filling. The moisture absorption capacity of wool is extremely good. It can absorb moisture in excess of 30% of its own weight without becoming wet to touch. It is dirt repellent due to the wax material covering its surface. The surface of the fibers has a scaly structure, so it is prone to fiber migration and felting. 

In order to further improve the use value of the wool filling and the appearance of the product, it is even possible and necessary to mix all polyester fibers (between 5 and 20%) with the wool. It is important to be aware that this improves the quality and durability of the product. By mixing the polyester with the wool filling, we make our products lighter, “foamier”, i.e. softer and more beautiful, and slow down the felting process typical of wool.

The wool-filled duvets and pillows hidden in the cotton cover material provide perfect sleeping comfort for those suffering from rheumatic diseases due to their excellent heat-holding and moisture-absorbing ability. An interesting and unique feature of woolen varieties is that, in addition to their moisture-repellent properties typical of good winter fillings, it still binds steam well. It is very important handling advice that these products are not washable due to the tendency to felt.


"Billerbeck" products made of wool:

Love Story wool duvet

Wool Classic




Alpaca wool

AlpakaThe alpaca is native to South America. Alpaca wool differs from sheep wool in that it is non-greasy and therefore hypoallergenic. 

The fineness of the wool varies in different parts of the body. Hair growing on the abdomen and neck is the finest. The trade name for the hair cut from these body parts is “baby alpaca”. (So there is no way that “buyers of luxury bedding are pampered with exotic alpaca fur torn at the cost of torturing small animals” :-)

The fineness of wool is measured in micrometers. By comparison, the thickness of the cobweb is about 2.5 microns, the silk fiber is 14.5 microns, and the fineness of alpaca wool is between 15 and 25 microns, so it is similarly soft to the same as silk and has the same utility value as cashmere. IMPORTANT handling advice is that these products should not be washed either.


"Dreamline Billerbeck" products made of alpaca wool:

Lima product line


Camel hair product

TeveThe camel hair used in our products is obtained from the chest hair of Eurasian camel species. The camel hair is soft. It has a hollow structure and is therefore lighter in weight than sheep wool. Great for filling warm winter blankets. The camel hair used for the 'Dreamline Billerbeck' brand originates mainly from the Asian region (China, Mongolia). The body of the camel is covered with a two-layer fur: a warm fluffy inner layer and a coarse and long-fiber outer layer of fur. When shedding, both layers of hair are dropped in large clumps. One specimen sheds 3 kg of hair per year. The outer fur is made of high quality yarn. The fluffy inner hair is approx. 5 cm long and so delicate that it does not felt together. The hair under the silky abdomen protects the camels from extreme temperatures that often fluctuate between -20 °C and 50 °C.


The hair of Eurasian and most South American camel species is hollow in terms of fiber structure, making it an excellent thermal insulator as it allows the fibers to trap air. It is a lighter, softer material than sheared sheep wool, so it is very useful for filling duvets of exclusive quality. The fiber is extremely fine, approx. 15-18 microns thick and can absorb up to 30% of its weight. The filling is very loose but not too swollen, the “filling force” characteristic of the flake cannot be expected from this filling. The billerbeck uses so-called “baby” camel hair from certain parts of the body that does not contain larger, coarser hair.
IMPORTANT, also know about this product family that these items are not washable.


"Dreamline Billerbeck" products made of camel hair: