Why buy products made from re-new raw materials?

06/03/2018 14:05
Why buy products made from re-new raw materials?

Our functional fiber-filled bedding is made from environmentally friendly recycled raw materials: high-purity, harmless ocean plastics.

The material of our Coral products is excellent vapor permeability and hypoallergenic. Comfort is provided by great form-keeping comfort and soft touch.


By purchasing product(s) produced with sustainable technology, we take care of our future!


Everything we do leaves a mark on the world. It depends on the ordinary decisions of our lives how we shape our planet.


Today, a generation has grown up who strive to take responsible and determined responsibility for our environment. We, too have believed in protecting and keeping clean the environment we borrowed from our grandchildren.


Thanks to the development of the industrial background producing raw materials, the improvement of our products is already being achieved while radically reducing the environmental impact.


Therefore, when selecting synthetic raw materials, we switch to “re-new” raw materials of full value, high quality and purity without compromise. However, the required plastics are not currently available in recycled versions, and we require the use of compostable raw materials that recover quickly to nature.



During the development of the products of Billerbeck Budapest Kft., we always introduce cutting-edge solutions. By consciously choosing “new” and degradable materials, we give life a chance.




It is an honor for us if you stay with us.




"What have I got to do with polluting the oceans?"

A significant portion of depleted PET bottles travel through ditches, streams, and then rivers into the oceans, where they float to form gigantic waste islands. This synthetic garbage is not part of the foreground, does not decompose quickly and is not re-incorporated. Plastic waste and its fragments endanger marine life, with some species simply being executed.


"What does it matter for a CORAL product to protect the environment?"

We can influence up to thousands of years with a single environmentally conscious decision: it is calmly estimated that thousands of years of polyester decompose.


"Is that rubbish? Won't I have something wrong with it?"

The raw material is waste after use. Advanced processing technology, on the other hand, now reveals raw material of exclusive purity from this mass of bottles. The bottle islands of the oceans are valuable sources of raw materials. Modern and controlled recycling produces materials that are cleaned of harmful contaminants, the use of which does not pose a risk.



"Why buy a "re-new" product?"


There are several ways to buy a recycled product! In addition to freeing our environment from accumulated waste, we can obtain frequently used synthetic materials in a sustainable manner without extracting petroleum.


"What can I add to the environment?"

With our state-of-the-art conscious attitude, we save energy and collect garbage selectively. BUT our shopping habits can also count a lot: we like good quality, long-lasting goods made from recyclable or compostable raw materials. We are also proud to use products made from “re-new” raw materials if they gain our trust with their quality workmanship and product safety.


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