Billerbeck Brilliant Uno camel fur duvet 135x200 cm
Billerbeck Brilliant Uno camel fur duvet 135x200 cm

Billerbeck Brilliant Uno camel fur duvet 135x200 cm

Brilliant Uno pillow with camel fur filling from Billerbeck.


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Brilliant Uno camel fur duvets provide long-lasting "like-new" sensation, thanks to the self-cleaning ability of the camel fur. It retains heat and evenly distributes moisture, thus ensuring natural, healthy and dry sleeping climate.


Camel fur is hollow, so it is an excellent heat insulant, since fibres can trap the air. It is even lighter than wool, so it makes a perfect material for exclusively high-quality duvets. Fibres are very fine, they are about 15-18 μm wide, but are able to absorb moisture, equal to 30% of their own weight.


Cover: 100% cotton satin


Design: circular stitch, piped


Filling: 100% camel fur (135x200 cm - 1250 g)



This duvet is NOT washable.


Camel fur product

TeveThe camel fur, used in our products is collected from bactrian camels. It is soft and tender. Thanks to its hollow structure, it's specific weight is less than that of sheep wool. It's suitable for filling warm winter duvets. Camel fur, used for „Dreamline Billerbeck” products is mostly collected in Asia (China, Mongolia). A camel's body is covered with a two-layer fur: it consists of a warm, fluffy inner layer, and an outer layer with long, rough hair. When they lose their skin, both layer falls to the ground in large quantities. An average speciman loses up to 3 kg of fur every year. The outer layer makes a great yarn. The inner layer consists of approximately 5 cm long hairs, and it's so fine, that it doesn't get messy. The silky abdominal fur protects camels from the unsteady temperature, that often reaches -20 °C or +50 °C. 








Duvet size
135x200 cm
Delivery time
Delivery time is approximately 2-3 weeks.
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