Bio-Textima merino mattress topper (pad) 160x200 cm
Bio-Textima merino mattress topper (pad) 160x200 cm

Bio-Textima merino mattress topper (pad) 160x200 cm


Merino wool mattress topper from Bio-Textima.


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Our topper (pad) is 600 g/m2 weight, and it is made of 100% pure sheep’s wool. The wool is not chemical treat before it uses, so inherited the favorable properties from nature beside it has also retained its lanolin content, which ensures loner usability. Our wool products are exclusively made with only natural, or colored/ patterned versions with vegetable dye. Comfort, freshness and the climate are what our woolen products offer you. The most important part of the bedding is the blanket, topper, and pillow, which is why it is important that the product is made of natural materials.


With excellent thermal properties, you don’t have to worry about your body will overheating even in summer at 40 °C, because it has a temperature-equalizing effect while using wool.


During its use, it helps to prevent rheumatic complaints and joint problems.


This product line made in 100% merino wool, a product made from the highest quality wool.


In this picture both side of the product is wool, so the double sheets ensure the comfort. These products we consider it extremely important to protect health, and increase the comfort felling. Our products protect the wool every excellent property.




Cleaning and maintenance

According to old traditions in winter, when snow falls you have to be pulled over the fresh snow. It has to repeat on the other side, after that wipe out the snow, so this way the wool is cleaned by absorbing moisture.

In summer the wool blanket/ topper, during ventilation, spray the entire surface of the wool with a flower sprayer (a mixture of clean water + wool detergent).

The wool is a special material, therefore its cleaning also requires a special procedure! To preserve the natural lanolin content and original material structure the wool it is always woth using specially developed for cleaning woolen products.

In addition to washing woolen products appreciate periodic washing, so called cleaning ventilation. The direct strong sunlight and the summer heat for this is less suitable, it is more advantageous, if they are ventilated in winter, in drizzling rain or in foggy, damp weather.


In more detail about ventilation

It matters a lot the frequent ventilation, as a result of which the wool is refreshed and renewed. The ventialtion in shady place, humid weather it is advisable to carry out, because of this the living wool regenerates. Do not allow to strong sunlight and heat. If there has been no humid weather for a long time, then spray water on the wool sheets when ventilating. Duration of the ventilation minimum 8 hour long. Before and after it, the woolen bedding must be carefully shaken out. The ventilation of the topper is particularly important, as it is difficult for them to ventilate when it is covered by the sheets.



Less dusty, a self-cleaning wool blanket is enough to be washed every 2-3 years, more often washing if justified needed. It is not recommended in the washing machine the thicker woolen bed linen will not fit in the washing machine, indeed the wool absorbs such a large amount of water that the drum of the washing machine can break due to its weight, and as a result of centrifugation, the wool is faster mattress felting.


Lukewarm, warm hand water (25-35 °C), with wool detergent, clean it with careful pressure. Do not allow stand in the water! After that with cold water rinses it off, and carefully squeeze the water out of it. Neither twisting nor rubbing is good for the material.


Dry it outside in a shaded, airy place, do not place the wool linen near a stove or heater respectively in strong sunlight, because it may turn into yellow and dry out.


If your wool linen gets very dirty, or you just don't want to bother with washing it, it's worth taking it to a cleaner, where it can get a gentle and professional dry-cleaning.




The indicated sizes are nominal sizes, from which a few cm may differ!


In general, about merino

The wool merino doesn’t sting, like the others traditional wool, it is soft and in addition keeps the warm in the night and every each of threads are breathing. The most important factor is the amount of air in the textile, since they cannot collapse due to their waviness. It provides the wearer with a stable temperature, thus increasing their comfort.

It is a significantly better material than synthetic fibers, as moisture escapes through the wool fibers. It removes excess moisture from the surface of the body and at 40% moisture content beside dry to touch.


Product with wool filling

Birka gyapjú

Blankets can be made with wool filing are incredibly soft and comfort. The ability of wool to absorb moisture is extremely good. It is also able to absorb moisture exceeding 30% of its own weight without becoming wet to the touch. Due to the wax covering its surface, it is dirt repellent. The surface of the fibers has a scaly structure, so it is prone to fiber move and mattress felting.

To improve the product appearance further it’s possible, or even necessary to mix some (between 5-20%) polyester fibers with the wool. It is important to be aware that this improves the quality of the product, increases its durability, and slows down the mattress felting process.


The wool positive physiological effects


Reduces rheumatic complaints during the night.

The wool wax, also called lanolin it has revitalizing effect and a stimulating, positive effect on our blood circulation.


Ensure the hygienic sleeping environment

It is also suitable for asthma, allergies or other respiratory complaints. Wool has a natural self-cleaning ability, it doesn’t get mites, and it doesn’t become dusty (it isn’t electrostatically charged, thereforce it does not attract dust), so it has an anti-allergenic effect. It is important to ventilate regularly, so that the wool can regenerate.


If we want a well-ventilated bed and we prefer natural materials, and it is also important for us to choose a long-lasting product, then the best decision is to choose our wool product!

Mattress topper (pad) size
160x200 cm
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Delivery time is approximately 4-5 weeks.
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