Naturtex Living feather-down pillow - large (70x90 cm)
Naturtex Living feather-down pillow - large (70x90 cm)

Naturtex Living feather-down pillow - large (70x90 cm)

Feather-down pillow from Naturtex Living.


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Naturtex® uses a special thermal water technology in the washing and sterilisation process of feather and down. Thanks to developments using renewable energy-based technologies, feather and down are processed in an environmentally friendly, economical and cost-effective way. As part of this technology, an investment in a water purification plant ensures that water is returned to the environment as virtually potable water. We recommend it to all those who want to buy a good quality feather product at an affordable price.


Naturtex® feather-filled pillows provide long-lasting support for your pillow. In addition to their outstanding heat-retaining and moisture-absorbing properties, feather pillows are among the products with a high hardness rating. NOMITE® technology makes them the perfect choice for allergy sufferers!

Why choose products filled with down/feathers?

Feather/down filled pillows are an excellent choice, as they are made of high quality natural materials, providing an ideal sleeping climate and helping you to recover intensively at night. Feather/down pillows have an excellent insulating effect and contribute to a high level of comfort.

Thanks to their skin-friendly characteristics, they provide a pleasant touch while their long life guarantees durability.


Their clean style also makes them aesthetically appealing, creating a balanced and comfortable sleeping environment.


What to look out for when shopping?

When shopping, there are a few important things to consider to ensure that the product you buy is perfectly suited to your individual needs. Firstly, consider the temperature of your bedroom, as it is important that the product adapts to the temperature of the room (ideally 18-19°C) to create the ideal sleeping environment.

The season when you plan to use the product can also be an important consideration, as different seasons have different temperature requirements.

Sleep habits and the amount of product filling are also key factors. Consider how many hours you usually sleep and what type of pillow or duvet you prefer.

The cover material of pillows and duvets is a very important aspect for a comfortable sleep. The ideal choice is 100% cotton, as this natural material is extremely breathable and soft to the touch. Cotton contributes to a restful sleep by helping to regulate body temperature, absorb moisture and provide comfort. In addition, this type of material can also be hypoallergenic, so those who are sensitive to allergens can use it with peace of mind.


Why choose a feather-filled product?

Made from natural and quality ingredients
Quickly warms our body
Guarantees an ideal sleeping climate
Promotes night-time recovery
Excellent heat insulation
Has a long lifetime
Clean style

Recommendations and tips for Naturtex down and feather filling products:

Increases the lifetime of down/feather products:

- if you shake it gently every day

- ventilate occasionally in a shady place

- protect from the blazing sun

- if you keep it away from moisture

- have it cleaned by a professional if necessary


Cover material: plain, 100% cotton angin satin, piped


Filling: 50% white goose down, 50% goose feather (1300 g)


Size: (70x90 cm - Large pillow)



Washing and drying instructions:

Kímélő mosás 40°C-on Gentle wash at 40°C
Csak oxigénes/klórmentes fehérítés engedélyezett Only oxygen/chlorine-free bleaching permitted
Szárítás csökkentett termikus terhelésse

Reduced thermal load of drying

Nem szabad vasalni! Do not iron!
Vegytisztítás tetraklór-etilénben Chemical cleaning with tetrachloroethylene gently




The manufacturer recommends washing no more than once a year to preserve the quality of the product and tumble drying is recommended!

Pillow size
Delivery time
Delivery time is approximately 2-3 weeks.
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