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Naturtex Living feather-down summer duvet 140x200 cm
Naturtex Living feather-down summer duvet 140x200 cm

Naturtex Living feather-down summer duvet 140x200 cm


Feather-down summer duvet from Naturtex Collection.


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These pillows have been ensuring comfortable sleep for decades. Thanks to its unique composition, the feather provides support, while the down ensures softness. These pillows are made with a popular feather-down blend ratio, so they represent reliable quality at a good price.

Naturtex® uses a special thermal water technology during the washing and sterilization of the feather and down. The technology uses alternative energy, so it processes the material in an eco-friendly, economical and cost effective way. As a part of this technology, a special water cleaning system ensures that only clear water returns to the environment.


Cover material: 100% cotton angin satin


Filling: 50% white goose down, 50% goose feather (140x200 cm - 400 g)


The duvet is washable at 30 oC.


When washing feather and down products, it is highly important to dry it out as quickly as possible, within 2-3 hours. If not, the organic filling will be damaged, so you should only wash it if, you have a proper drying machine. If you don't have it, you should choose a professional laundry salon. It is not important to choose low temperature or tender programme, the most important is quick drying. You should only use neutral detergents. It is not necessary to use fabric softener.

Duvet size
140x200 cm
Delivery time

Delivery time is approximately 2-3 weeks.

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