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SleepStudio MemoFlex Memory foam pillow 50x70 cm
SleepStudio MemoFlex Memory foam pillow 50x70 cm

SleepStudio MemoFlex Memory foam pillow 50x70 cm


Memory foam crumbs pillow with adjustable filling from SleepStudio.


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The memory foam provides adequate relaxation and restful sleep. Unique property of the pillow is that it has adjustable height, thus it is suitable all the lying oisitions. The quantity of the filling is adjustable by that the inner cover of the pillow has zipper. Thus the plus memory foam, which is in the package, can be built in the product if we want a higher pillow. It is easily removable for those who sleep on their stomach thereby reducing the height. Thus the ideal height of the pillow is feasible for everyone. The use of the memory pillow has many benefits, reduced pressure on the neck, so we get a better quality sleep. If you have allergic, than the memory foam can be especially useful, because it is hypoallergenic also excellent against dust mites.


Cover: 100% polyester, washable at 40 °C


Filling: 100% viscoelastic polyurethane foam crumbs (1350g + 150g)


The picture is an illustration! The pillow has SILVER cover. The positive properties of silver include the antibacterial effect. It means that the silver ions prevent bacteria from settling on the cover and also prevent bacterial growth.


Size: 50x70 cm - middle pillow

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