Billerbeck Léna linen duvet 135x200 cm
Billerbeck Léna linen duvet 135x200 cm

Billerbeck Léna linen duvet 135x200 cm

Léna feather-down duvet from Billerbeck.


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Léna is a light, summer linen duvet with 100% cotton cover and a filling, made of bleached linen (60%) and temperature controlling PCM intelligent fibre (40%).

Linen is a material with a very long history, which gives a tender, caressing sensation, embraces the body, absorbs moisture, balances vapor and dries quickly. All these attributes, combined with the cotton cover make this product an excellent, light, extra thin summer duvet.


It has a cool touch, so it can help regulating the body heat on hot summer nights. It is also recommended for people, who suffer from allergy, thanks to its antibacterial properties.


Extra thin, light summer duvet.

PCM intelligent fibre adapts to its environment, so it absorbs heat during warm days, and emits it, when it gets cold.



Antibacterial. moisture absorbing, breathable and heat-insulating.


Cover: 100% cotton


Filling: 60% bleached linen, 40% MAGIC FILL (Tencel-fibre+PCM) temperature stabilizer (135x200 cm - 500 g)


Linen fabric


Linen fabric is made of the 80-120 cm long stems of flax plant. Fibres are softened by rinsing, then united into a fabric. Mummies in Egypt were wrapped into linmen, from here it spread to the ancient Greece, than it conquered the whole Europe.


Linen fabric effectively absorbs moisture, but it can quickly release it as well. It is the perfect summer outfit, since it helps regulatig the body heat, and has weak heat-insulating ability. Unfortunately, it is not very durable, so it crumples easily. Just like cotton, it is also skin-friendly, but it is a bit rough to touch , since it is more rigid. It does not have electrostatic charge, and it does not get fuzzy.

Unfortunately, linen can shrink. so it needs to be washed at a low temperature! The colour of colured linen should be fixed with vinegar after the first wash!


The duvet is washable at 40 oC.




LenLinen is a popular fabric material, thanks to its nice shine, cool touch, tensile strength flexibility, and the fact that it's easy to bleach or dye. It is used for producing different types of fabric, from thin batiste, through light clothes fabric to heavy industrial fabrics. It's often used in households (tableclothes, napkins, bedclothes, blankets), but it's also suitable for decorational purposes: for furniture and tapestry. The so called half-linen fabrics are made of cotton and linen. They are usually used for cheaper houshold wipers, and other cheap linen fabrics. Thanks to its durability, it's used for painting canvases as well. The attributes of linen filling are very similar to cotton. It is anti-bacterial, moisture absorbent, and dries fast, so it makes a great summer duvet.

The duvets have a cools touch, so it helps regulating body temperature. 

It is able to absorb moisture up to one third of its weight, it has great ventilation and dries very fast, so our body stays dry even on hot summer days.



Duvet size
135x200 cm
Delivery time
Delivery time is approximately 2-3 weeks.
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