Billerbeck Nordstadt wool duvet 135x200 cm LIMITED EDITION

Nordstadt wool duvet from Billerbeck.


Duvet size

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An exclusive duvet with a special limited edition individual heel band, manufactured in honor of the 100-year-old company formation, with a numbered certificate, based on a patent filed by Mr Gerd Billerbeck in Germany in 1983 under the number DE3305507C2.


Exclusive limited edition "NORDSTADT 1921" 7 climate zone naturally charged duvet from Billerbeck. The warm-up capacity is ensured by the lamb's wool and camel fur coat, in zoned varying filling thickness. The cover material of the duvet is a cotton fabric of moonbeam color, which is made even more special by the specific staple pattern.


Thanks to its unparalleled moisture absorption capacity, the wool in the Nordstadt 1921 duvet is able to absorb moisture that exceeds 30% of its own weight without becoming wet to the touch. Moisture absorbed during the night is able to quickly evaporate and dry out. Wool has excellent thermal insulation properties thanks to its fiber structure and space structure. It is polluting due to the wax material covering its surface. Billerbeck makes a large use of the wool of high-mountain sheep for its brand products, because it has thinner fibers, better spatial structure and does not contain much thistle contamination.


The camel shear is also a lighter, softer material than sheared live wool, so it is used in the production of exclusive duvets. The strand structure of the camel guard is hollow and the fibers can close the air, therefore it has an excellent thermal insulation effect.


Cover: premium cotton (100%), moonbeam colour


Filling: 45% wool + 45% camel guard + 10% polyester (1st Class)


Size: 135/140 x 200 cm


Load weight: 1200 g


Hot point: 4/5 winter duvet


Cleanability: not washable, cleanable.

Duvet size
135x200 cm
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