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QMED Slim memory pillow (56x48 cm)
QMED Slim memory pillow (56x48 cm)

QMED Slim memory pillow (56x48 cm)

Memory foam pillow from QMED.


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QMED Slim memory pillow is recommended in the first place for people, who sleep on their stomach, since they can hug the pillow, thanks to its special shape. This slim memory pillow provides better breathability, more comfort and calmer sleep for the user, due to its unique shape. It is suitable for any sleeping position, of course. Memory foam inner core enable the relaxation of neck muscles, thus helping calm, relaxing sleep at night.

The product is made of latex-free thermo-sensitive foam chips. The aim of this pillow is to adapt to the shape of the neck in the ost comfortable and natural way.


The cover has summer and winter sides and is washable at 60 oC.

Only the cover is washable!


Size: 56x48 cm


Memory foam: 55 kg/m3

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Delivery time is approximately 2-3 weeks.
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