QMED Cloud pillow
QMED Cloud pillow

QMED Cloud pillow


Memory foam pillow from QMED.


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The QMED Cloud is a traditional shape memory foam pillow for people sleeping on their back or side.
The pillow is filling by fine and tiny memory foam flakes, thus like feather pillows it gives light and soft feeling.
Like the traditional feather pillows you need to shake up after using so the flakes are ventilated and the pillow regain its original shape.
The distribution of the memory foam can be modified, it can be arranged of any form inside of the pillow case.


Size: 60x40x13 cm


Memory foam: 40kg/m3


Cover material: 64% breathable polyester, 32% bamboo, 4% spandex

Delivery time
Delivery time is approximately 2-3 weeks.
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