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QMED Modulo pillow
QMED Modulo pillow

QMED Modulo pillow


Memory foam pillow from QMED.


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This pillow is a innovative, special pillow due to it’s three layered structure and it’s variable height. The pillow’s height and firmness is variable by removing or swapping the layers. This way you can find the perfect compination for different sleeping positions.
The anatomic shaped upper layer is made of a lower density, softer memory foam, which can help to reduce the pressure on the neck and the spine which can provide a comforable sleeping position.
The middle and the bottom layer are made of a higher density memory foam so they can provide a better support for the neck.
Due to it’s variable structure it’s suitable for children and adults too.


Size: 52x32x8/11cm


Layer sizes and density:
Anatomic upper layer: 32x52x6/3cm; 40 kg/m³
Middle layer: 32x52x2cm; 55 kg/m3
Bottom layer: 32x52x3cm; 55 kg/m3

Delivery time
Delivery time is approximately 2-3 weeks.
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