QMED Acupressure mattress and pillow
QMED Acupressure mattress and pillow

QMED Acupressure mattress and pillow

QMED Acupressure mattress and pillow
QMED Acupressure mattress and pillow
QMED Acupressure mattress and pillow

Acupressure mattress and pillow from QMED.


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The QMED Acupressure mattress and pillow improve the functioning of the body's organs and stimulate the production of natural, pain-relieving endorphins by stimulating the body's acupressure points. It can be a solution to the following problems: back pain, sciatica (ischialgia), neck pain, muscle tension, muscle spasm, poor blood circulation, digestive problems, gout (arthritis), insomnia, headaches.

If you are suffering from exhaustion or stress, you can refresh and relax your body with the help of the QMED Acupressure mattress and pillow, thereby relieving your pain in a natural way, even without taking drug.


  • After using 10-15 minutes peptide hormones flow throughout the body
  • 20-30 minutes of use significantly reduces stress and pain
  • 30-40 minutes of use, the pain is greatly reduced, the ability to act is multiplies


The mattress makes it easier to facilitates relaxation and sleep, improves digestion, increases the body's oxygen intake, and helps to develop proper mental hygiene. It can also be recommended for rheumatic complaints, neck and back inflammation.



QMED akupresszúrás matrac és párna használataPut the QMED Acupressure mattress and pillow a soft surface, for example bed. Place your soles or other body parts on the mattress, or lie on it carefully to avoid skin injuries. Make yourself comfortable. For sensitive skin, first place a thin cloth on the mattress and lie on it. Begin acupressure therapy with short 5-minute sitting exercises. When your body starts to get used to the pressure, you can increase the time or switch to a lying position. Daily use is recommended for better results.


Back and neck:

Treatment of the back stimulates the spine, from which the nerves run to all parts of the body. Because it affects the whole body, it is excellent for relieving tension and fatigue in the back, neck and shoulders, and to some extent it also cures mental overload, stress, back pain, muscle tension and headaches.


Gluteus and vastus:

QMED akupresszúrás matrac és párna használataStimulating blood circulation in these areas can help prevent symptoms caused by prolonged sitting (e.g. cellulite). Place the mattress either in a lying position under the gluteal muscles or on a chair with a back. You can even use it in a sitting position placed on an armchair or sofa or rather in sitting cross-legged on the carpet.


Spine and groin area:

For herniated slipped disc and sciatica pain, place the acupressure pillow under the lumbar spine. Releasing muscle tension helps reduce pain.



Place your sole or stand on the Qmed acupressure mattress.

QMED akupresszúrás matrac és párna használata


According to traditional Chinese remedy, there are many nerve endings and more than 60 points and reflex zones on the soles of the feet, which is why the soles are also called the second heart of the human body.

According to thousands of years of Asian science, massaging certain parts of the sole stimulates different parts of the body, so the toes correspond to the head, the sole corresponds to the chest, the middle of the sole corresponds to the abdominal cavity, the heel corresponds to the pelvic cavity, and the inner half of the sole corresponds to the spine.


Mattress size: 64x42,5x2,5 cm


Pillow size: 15x39x10 cm

Delivery time

2-3 weeks

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