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JOOP! 5-piece mako-satin bed linen - Forest
JOOP! 5-piece mako-satin bed linen - Forest

JOOP! 5-piece mako-satin bed linen - Forest


5-piece mako-satin bed linen set from JOOP!.


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We offer a huge variety of bed linen in different materials and colors, so every generation can find what he wants at us. The products are made of mako-satin material.



2 pcs 36x48cm - pillow cover - small

2 pcs 70x90cm - pillow cover - large

1 pc 200x220cm - duvet cover


How to wash?

- Wash in machine or by hand at maximum 60 oC. Rinse at maximum 60 oC.

- Do not bleach

- Drum dry with standard programme

- Special care is are need when washed. Iron at medium temperature (max. 150 oC)

- Chemical cleaning only with hydrocarbon solvents


Cover material:

100% cotton satin


Bedding made with satin weave is usually the best quality and the softest. Satin refers to the type of weave, not the material, so if a bad quality material is used, the textile becomes slippery and unpleasant to touch. Unfortunately, in the past a lot of bad quality products were sold as satin, so many pepole believes that satin equals slippery material. But this is not true.


Actually, satin is the finest weaved material, which has a cool touch and provides a pleasant sensation in the summer heat.


The finest type of satin textiles is mako-satin. This is the thinnest cotton fibre in the world, which can only be produced in Egypt, due to its unique cliamte. This material is skin-friendly and antistatic. It retains shape even after several washes.

Bed linen set
5 pieces
Delivery time
Delivery time is approximately 2-3 weeks.
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