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Best Dream Memory Gel Wave pillow
Best Dream Memory Gel Wave pillow

Best Dream Memory Gel Wave pillow


Ergonomic memory softgel pillow from Best Dream.

Best Dream

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Softgel is a revolutionary material made up of a soft but sufficiently flexible gel that perfectly adapts and responds to every change of position, while providing reliable support. Thanks to its unique chemical and physical properties it guarantees perfect rest and comfort.



SoftgelSoftGel, compared to other materials, is characterized by a high capability for thermoregulation of body temperature. It is capable of controlling temperature, adapting to it, and stabilizing it by about 1.5 °C lower, able to dissipate the heat of the human body and evenly distribute it. By reducing the temperature of the skin, the metabolic processes slow down, thus favoring the oxidation of the tissue. It is beneficial to blood circulation, brings a pleasant feeling, freshness and full-fledged relaxation. SoftGel is absolutely health-neutral, does not contain any volatile components, does not harden and does not lose its orthopedic and elastic properties.



PurotexPUROTEX fabric is an ecologically designed cover material that offers protection against bacteria and microorganisms. The microcapsules contained in the cover effectively neutralize and prevent the formation and multiplication of bacteria that cause allergic reactions and asthma, thus ensuring high hygiene of the mattress and providing a deep and comfortable sleep.




Sizes: 72x42x9-11 cm


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