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07/02/2024 16:16

TED mattresses are deservedly recognised across Europe!


The TED mattress brand has become one of the leading mattress brands in Bulgaria over the last few decades. Founded in 1995, the TED mattress and upholstery products factory has very quickly become a stronghold of mattress production.

The brand's success lies in innovative and customer-focused product development, and in integrating the valuable advice and experience of its employees. TED Spring mattresses have proven their worth in Western European markets. In the most prestigious LGA tests, TED mattresses have received maximum scores.

TED's creative and development team believe in holistic solutions, so at the end of the day, it's not just a product, but a balance of nature, people and technology to create the synergy you want.

The mattress company TED is one of the few mattress manufacturers that produces bonell and pocket spring mattresses as vacuum mattresses, i.e. the finished product is packed in a specially designed vacuum packaging machine into a cylinder shape, minimising the transport cost and further reducing the final consumer price of the product, so that TED mattresses reach the user at the best possible price.

With 22 000 m2 of floor space, the mattress manufacturer TED is a major player on the European continent.

Their mattresses are the result of in-depth ergonomic research and a high level of technical and scientific activity. Development is followed by long-term, continuous testing and monitoring. From the design to the meticulous selection of materials, the customer's comfort and healthy and relaxing rest are the primary consideration.

Experience the dream world of TED and give your body the relaxing power of healing sleep!