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Billerbeck Andria pillow - medium (50x70 cm)
Billerbeck Andria pillow - medium (50x70 cm)

Billerbeck Andria pillow - medium (50x70 cm)


Andria cotton filled pillow from Billerbeck.

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This material has an especially good temperature control ability, excellent moisture absorbing ability and ensures calm sleep.


Cover: 100% cotton


Filling: 100% combed cotton (900 g)


Unpinned, zippered design.


Size: 50x70 cm


Washable at 60 oC.


Cotton is an organic material of plant origin. It is one of the most ancient materials, which has been present on textile markets of the world from the very beginning. It has became extremly popular in the 18. century, when machine for its processing were invented and got widespread. In the 20. century, it amounted to 80% of the worlds fibre material production, since millions of tons of cotton was produced around the world, especially in the Sub-tropical area.


It has a lot of benefits: it can absorb 65% of its own weight. Cotton is wear-resistant, it doesn't really prolong. It is skin-friendly and has a silky touch. 

Pillow size
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