Billerbeck Fergie wild silk duvet 135x200 cm
Billerbeck Fergie wild silk duvet 135x200 cm

Billerbeck Fergie wild silk duvet 135x200 cm

Fergie pillow with organic wild silk filling from Billerbeck.


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Fergie duvet from Billerbeck is soft and tender. It gives warmth in the winter, but cools you down in the summer.

In Billerbeck Fergie wild silk duvet, silk of farmed silk moth is used as well as cocoon fibres of caterpillars of certain wild butterfly species. It is quite a durable and flexible fibre, thicker than the silkworm’s. It feels soft and pampers with warm feeling in winter and with cool hug in the summer.


Briefly about silk

Silk is made of the cocoon of silk moths. Silk was highly valuable, even in ancient China, and its widely known, that silk smuggling was punished by death penalty.

Silk is higly flexible and does not crumple. It is important to say, that silk is skin-friendly and pleasant to touch.  Its smoothness and shining texture make it so special. The material can absorb moisture, up to one third of its weight, without giving a wet sensation. The fabric contains a very small number of air bubbles, so it provides a pleasant, cool sensation. It stores warm air, which warms up the body.



Cover: 100% cotton-satin



Filling: 100% wild silk (135x200 cm - 490 g).



Washable at 30 °C.


Wild silk

VadselyemBesides the silk of cultivated silk moths, textile industry uses the cocoon fibres of wild silk moths as well. They are usually rougher and darker. It has been considered one of our finest and most durable materials for thousands of years, and people think of it as a very expensive product, and a symbol of absolute luxury or tender touch. Silk harmonizes with human body and skin, since it's an organic material. First of all, it helps regulating body temperature: when it's hot outside, silk cools the body down, when it's cold, it warms it up. It is also a great help for the body's water balance. It is able to absorb up to 300 times of its own weight. Unlike cotton filled products, that keep moisture in themselves, silk duvets lead it away. This solves every problem, connected to moisture, such as excessive sweating, nighttime perspiration and pimples. These products are durable, highly absorbent and leads away moisture, they have a great ventilation. They also create natural, comfortable and pleasant sleeping conditions. Silk by itself is hypo-allergenic and free of dustmites.

These products are very cool in the summer, thanks to the physiological properties of silk.
Silk products are originally cleaned by giving them a sunbath. It is recommended to aerate the products during dry weather, protected from direct sunshine for no more than an hour, at least once a month. This has a cleaning effect, and in normal circumstances, there's no need to clean it any other way. If the product gets overly contaminated, it should be washed in tepid (no warmer than 30 °C) water, and be rinsed it several times in cold water, and be dried unfolded.

Duvet size
135x200 cm
Delivery time
Delivery time is approximately 2-3 weeks.
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