Billerbeck 4 seasons feather-down duvet 135x200 cm
Billerbeck 4 seasons feather-down duvet 135x200 cm

Billerbeck 4 seasons feather-down duvet 135x200 cm


4 seasons feather-down duvet from Billerbeck.


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4 seasons goose feather-down duvet comes with a 100% cotton cover and 90% down content. Thanks to its feather-down filling, it has good heat-retaining and vapor balancing abilities. Billerbeck four seasons is a 3 in 1 product, which consist of two duvets with different fill weights. These two duvets can be joined together at the edges by a zipper. If you separate them, one of the duvets can be used as a light summer one in spring and in summer. The other one is a duvet with three hot spots and is recommended to use in autumn and in early spring. By joining them together, these two duvets provide a pleasant warm feeling on cold winter nights.


Cover: 100% cotton


Filling: white, I. class goose feather and down from Hungary, 90% down content

(135x200 cm - 340+500 g)



Why Hungarian Goose Down?



The feather down quality of birds bred in Hungary is unique and unrivaled due to the climate, breeds and traditional housing conditions. To produce extra quality, we have the option of free-range grazing and the expertise of professionals.




The environment, wildflower meadow and herbs allow geese grown larger and stronger than most other domestic geese in the world.
We do not use toxic chemicals to clean the down. That is why our products are often recommended for people with allergies and skin conditions.




Hungary is one of the few places remaining in Europe where geese are still widely raised in the countryside. In Hungary, our geese are raising in special climate. In winter, they protect themselves from the extreme cold with large cluster down and in the summer with pure brigh white feathers from the hot weather. Geese farming has a long tradition in Hungary, and the industries associated with goose and down products are sophisticated and regulated.




The two duvets can be joined together


The duvet is washable at 60 oC.


When washing feather and down products, it is highly important to dry it out as quickly as possible, within 2-3 hours. It should be washed with proper drying machine, otherwise the organic filling will be damaged. Professional launder recommended for best results. Only neutral detergents should be used. It is not necessary to use fabric softener. 

Duvet size
135x200 cm
Delivery time

Delivery time is approximately 2-3 weeks.

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