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08/02/2024 15:54

Why SleepStudio?


"Our goal is to provide consumers with convenience alternatives that fully meet their changing needs. We offer solutions that  keep in mind safe, healthy, environmentally and latest technological processes. In addition, to be able to keep pace  with the changing , and growing demands of the accelerating lifestyle of consumer society."


Because we, the staff of SleepStudio, try to offer our customers more options, as they can choose the product they want in our shop, using our expertise to help them find the perfect mattress, bed sheets and other  sleep accessories. Moreover, a wide selection of our products can be found in our mattress webshop and pillowcase webshop.

If you would like to treat your relatives abroad to a warm duvet or pillow, our international webshop also offers a solution, which you can find at

Our location within the city is particularly convenient, as we have free parking, so visitors arriving by car will not be inconvenienced by parking. One of our warehouses is located next to our premises, so we can easily and efficiently store your products and deliver them to you in person.

Our showroom is dog or cat friendly, so your pet is welcome to visit us.


Our company is absolutely customer-oriented, and we are eager to meet every request. A big disadvantage of many mattress companies is that they do not produce customized sizes and they stick to the same production patterns and processes. In our company you can order almost any type of mattress in any size, and what is important to emphasize is that it is available in a favourable time frame.

We also offer a wide range of beds in leather, fabric and wood.

We also try to meet individual requests and find every solution to ensure that customers are satisfied with our business policy.

We provide telephone, internet and personal assistance to any interested party after a maximum response time of half a day. Most orders are fulfilled and delivered to the customer in the shortest possible time, depending on capacity. We deliver to the entire country with our courier services. We personally deliver the ordered products in Szeged and its surroundings and undertake its assembly, if our customers require it.

For those who are unsure when it comes to choosing a mattress, we make our demonstration mattresses available on days when we are closed, so you can make sure you choose the perfect mattress.

The thematic design of our online shops helps you find the product you are looking for more easily. The websites offer thousands of branded products, from the cheapest to the most competitive and luxury goods.

Our web interface meets all the webergonomic principles, is user-friendly and easy to use for both older and younger people. We have taken special care in the design to make it easy to use for older people and to ensure that the shopping basket and the main modules are easy to find for colour-blind users. All orders will be confirmed by e-mail and phone consultation will be arranged if necessary.

At SleepStudio, quality comes first. We've invested a lot of time and effort in creating this extremely user-friendly website, which provides a truly enjoyable experience and makes shopping easy for you.

Based on our experience and research, we also know that a successful business is not just about a brilliant website or store, but also about quality expertise and service. It is with this in mind that we have invested so much time in ensuring that our online system is run in the most convenient and convenient way for customers to contact us, and that we can work efficiently and effectively.

We believe that our experience and knowledge of quality assurance is what sets us apart from our competitors, and you will notice the difference.

We welcome your interest and feedback on either the website or our services to the following email address:

Buying a mattress


The majority of people think that buying a new mattress is not difficult, you just have to go to the store, look at a few and finally take one home. Most mattress stores are working to make the choice easier, but we also provide an extra service to help make the decision easier.

Our professional approach has resulted in many satisfied customers who sleep well, wake up rejuvenated in the morning and face the new day fresh.

With years of professional experience, we know that choosing the perfect mattress is an extremely important decision. We're committed to providing you with unprecedented service, and we're proud to represent our products, which will provide years of comfort and satisfaction.

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