Our suppliers


08/02/2024 15:45

The QMED product range offers a wide choice of products for both health maintenance and therapy. It has an ever-expanding and innovative product portfolio, offering its customers long-lasting and reliable products at affordable prices. Their devices are effective in alleviating and healing various locomotor, joint and nervous system complaints, providing optimal comfort during use. In addition, their memory foam cushions and cover mattresses are adapted to the shape of the body to ensure a comfortable and healthy rest.

The high quality materials and expertise used in their manufacture guarantee that QMED products comply with European safety standards and will be an indispensable and much-loved addition to the daily lives and homes of their users.

The exclusive Hungarian distributor of the QMED brand is Rehab Zrt.



The main profile of the company is the production, distribution and repair of medical aids and special utility equipment for the mobility-assisted care of people with reduced mobility and mobility impairments. The primary activity is therefore the provision of mobility and mobility-related medical aids for people with reduced mobility and people with locomotor disorders, which enable them to move around and to return to a supportive family community or work.

Their business objectives have always been based on strong and purposeful principles such as respecting their past, valuing their investors and employees, and increasing their global presence.