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08/02/2024 14:08

...Good sleep, nothing else...


The success of Bio-Textima mattresses, mattress toppers, mattress pads and anatomical pillows is based on manufacturing experience, careful choice of materials and quality workmanship.

The company, which has extensive experience in the manufacture of both handcrafted and mechanised bedroom furniture, has products in Hungary, Romania, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Russia and the Far East.

The Bio-Textima brand family has become one of the most successful domestic bedroom brands.

Bio- Textima alapító család

"With our parents' experience in the textile industry and confidence in the future, our family business started in 1994.

Our very first product was a medical pillow for the German market. As our product range expanded, we started to build a production site, which also allowed us to modernise our manufacturing technology. By 2009, we had 14 own-brand stores and, as a supplier, we supplied hundreds of specialist stores and home furnishing shops.

We're always looking for new innovations, for example, our VitalWOOD wooden sprung mattress family, patented in Europe, the USA and even China, won the Innovation Grand Prize at the IMM furniture exhibition in Cologne in 2011. Of course, in addition to our product development, we also place great emphasis on modernising our business, for example, in 2019 we carried out a major digitalisation of our production site.

We currently deliver our products to 15 countries on 3 continents. We work with an extremely wide range of products and services, from luxury handmade products to highly mechanised mass-produced products, meeting the most sophisticated requirements in a mechanized,mass-produced products. "

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