SleepStudio Merino wool topper (pad)  80x200 cm
SleepStudio Merino wool topper (pad) 80x200 cm

SleepStudio Merino wool topper (pad) 80x200 cm


Merino wool topper (pad) from SleepStudio.


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The blankets and topper (pad) are made of woolen with a fiber density of 600 gr/m2, which are soft and delicate to the touch. You won't sweat while using the product, so you'll sleep really comfortably. The sleeping experience with the wool products is practically incomparable to anything else. Thanks to its unique material, smell, and the feeling close to nature able to give you deep sleep. Because they are totally synthetic-free, our products are truly natural, and its fit your body shape perfectly, eliminating the unpleasant stinging sensation.


It helps regardless of age, gender or season to get into a state of complete relaxation, all in such a way that its perfect heat-retaining ability ensures our feeling of comfort. With excellent thermal properties, you don’t have to worry about your body will overheating even in summer at 40 °C, because it has a temperature-equalizing effect while using wool. It ensures and improves the breathing of your skin, it is skin-friendly. It is also recommended for people with allergies and asthma. Environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable. During its use, it helps to prevent rheumatic complaints and joint problems.


Our wool products case may occur thread fall, which extent is smaller and smaller each use. Our wool products have a characteristic mattress felt effect, this isn’t a reason for complaint, the positive effect of the wool, doesn’t influence. The mattress felting can be greatly reduced or can be delayed when using bed linen (well-ventilated, natural material, e.g. cotton, sheer). Although the wool blanket advantages are enforced most effectively without the bed linen. The wool is not only soft, comfortable, and warm, but it has self-cleaning, the wool wax found on a wool thread, lanolin protects it from dirt and makes it dustproof (antistatic). Nevertheless, it has to be massive attention to care, it is necessary to ventilate, clean, and wash:



The most important to do frequent ventilation, as a result of which the wool renew, refreshes. Because in Southeastern Australia the moderate, oceanic climate of his mind makes it possible for the merino sheep to be year-round keeping (grazing), so continually fresh air ensures the wool's outstanding quality. Wool needs 3-5 m3 of fresh air per hour. Ventilations in fresh air, in a shady place, and humid weather is advisable to do it, as a result of this regenerates the live wool. If there isn’t humid weather, you have to spray water on the wool blanket and pad when ventilation. Do not allow to strong sunlight and warmth, because it can damage it, and may turn yellow and dry it out. The ventilation must be carried out as often as possible, but at least every week, and the duration minimum 8 hour long. Before and after it, the woolen bedding must be carefully shaken out. In case you do not have time for full-value ventilation once a week, then ventilate your wool bedding for at least 1 hour a day! The ventilation of the topper is particularly important, as it is difficult for them to ventilate when it is covered by the sheets.



According to old traditions in winter, when snow falls you have to be pulled over the fresh snow. It has to repeat on the other side, after that wipe out the snow, so this way the wool is cleaned by absorbing moisture. In summer the wool blanket/ topper, during ventilation, spray the entire surface of the wool with a flower sprayer (a mixture of clean water + wool detergent).



Less dusty, a self-cleaning wool blanket is enough to be washed every 2-3 years, more often washing if justified needed e.g. if another liquid touch, or spotted. In the washing machine, it is not recommended, since neither the wool nor the washing machine does not favor. A thicker woolen bed linen will not fit in the washing machine, indeed the wool absorbs such a large amount of water that the drum of the washing machine can break due to its weight, and as a result of standing in water and centrifugation, the wool is faster mattress felting. Lukewarm, warm hand water (25-35 °C), with wool detergent, clean it with careful pressure. Do not allow stand in the water, presses on and spin it. After that with cold water rinses it off, and carefully squeeze the water out of it. Neither twisting nor rubbing is good for the material. Dry it outside in a shaded, airy place, do not place the wool linen near a stove or heater. Evenly pressure push it out, but the best for it to put on a clothes dryer. We do not recommend grasping with tweezers, as this can cause the wool to stretch. It dries slowly, but do not expose it to strong sunlight, as it may turn yellow and dry out. If your wool linen gets very dirty, or you just don't want to bother with washing it, it's worth taking it to a cleaner, where it can get a gentle and professional dry-cleaning.



Mattress topper (pad) size
80x200 cm
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