QMED posture corrector seat pillow
QMED posture corrector seat pillow

QMED posture corrector seat pillow

Posture Corrector seat pillow of the QMED product line.


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The slope of the QMED posture corrector seat pillow tilts the pelvis slightly forward, balancing the load on the discs, maintaining muscle balance between the back and abdominal muscles, which can ensure active sitting with the least amount of muscle work. This allows for a spine-friendly posture even during prolonged sitting, which can also help prevent the development of postural deformities later on.


The two indentations in the back of the cushion help to position the two seat balls comfortably, the central back indentation helps those with tailbone problems and the front cushion has a raised area to prevent the cushion from sliding forward during use.


The seat cushion's non-slip cover keeps the cushion securely in place during use, making it easy and reliable to use on any seating surface. It can be used in office chairs, at home, in the car or in a wheelchair.


It is particularly recommended for people working in a seated position for prolonged periods of time, or in the case of tailbone or pelvic pain. After spinal surgery, in the case of prostate disease, to prevent bedsores.


The product has a breathable, antiperspirant, removable and washable cover.


Size: 46 x 38 x 8,5/2,5 cm



Material composition:


Cushion: 100% polyurethane


Cover: top cover 100% polyester, side cover: 100% polyester, bottom cover: 24% polyester, 76% PVC



Cleaning: the cover can be washed by hand in water up to 30 degrees Celsius.



IMPORTANT: do not clean the pillow in a washing machine or tumble dryer!


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