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QMED memory foam topper 4 cm  80x200 cm
QMED memory foam topper 4 cm 80x200 cm

QMED memory foam topper 4 cm 80x200 cm


Memory foam topper from QMED.

4 cm

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You can shape any hard and even lying surface (e.g. coconut mattress, srping mattress, pull-out couch) to healthy and relaxing sleeping surface thanks to the QMED memory foam topper mattress. On such surfaces, independent of sleeping position, pressure points arise on some parts of our body. As a result you are rotating in the bed and your sleeping position changing during the sleeping,  more times than the average, due to the discomfort feeling.  These pressure points modify the ideal body position on the affected sections of spine and  cause excessive muscle tension.  This significantly impairs the quality of sleep, in so far as it is permanently exist,  it results painful and overloaded areas on some sections of spine.

Height: 4 cm


Memory foam: 55 kg/m3

Topper height
4 cm
Delivery time
Delivery time is approximately 2-3 weeks.
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