QMED dynamic seat pillow
QMED dynamic seat pillow

QMED dynamic seat pillow

QMED dynamic seat pillow
QMED dynamic seat pillow
QMED dynamic seat pillow
QMED dynamic seat pillow
QMED dynamic seat pillow
QMED dynamic seat pillow

Dynamic seat pillow of QMED's product family.


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The QMED Dynamic seat pillow can be used at home or in the office to eliminate posture defects. It works best during an active sitting position, when the backrest of the chair is not used. The unstable surface activates and strengthens the deep muscles responsible for correct posture running alongside the spine, thus reducing back problems caused by prolonged sitting. Start using the product gradually. In case of long-term and regular use, be sure to do regular stretching exercises! It is also an ideal tool for foot massage, stimulates blood circulation, reduces stress and feeling dull.
The product is already inflated in the packaging. With the help of the pump in the box, you can change the pressure on demand: with the help of the pump you blow harder or lower it without a pump, only with the help of the needle valve.


The pump is included with the product!



Static sensory motor exercises: the balancing disc is an excellent tool for coordination and balance exercises on a stable surface and for open kinematic chain exercises e.g. maintaining balance with one foot standing on the balancing disc, placing your weight from one foot to the other. After injuries to the muscle system, it improves the zikai coordination of patients. In older age groups, it increases the feeling of stability, reduces the risk of falling.


Activation of the deep muscles around the spine: During a seat position called a dynamic seat, the dynamic seat cushion causes the correct restraint. Compared to sitting on a stable surface, when using a dynamic sitting pad, the Muscles holding the vertebrae work functionally, which reduces the risk of overloading the spine.


Massage and leg relaxation: The uneven surface of the dynamic seat cushion stimulates the receptors on the sole and improves blood circulation. As a result, your feet can relax by avoiding further muscle tension.



  • Feeling of pain during exercises
  • Immediately after a sprain or fracture
  • Incomplete recovery after bone fracture
  • Inflammation of the joint and surrounding tissues
  • Oedema
  • Fresh scar from surgery or other injury



  • Exercises should be done barefoot so that sensory therapy can have the maximum effect
  • Seek the advice of your physiotherapist before starting exercises/therapy with a dynamic seat pillow
  • Who drops their blood pressure in a stationary position uses the device only with the supervision of a physiotherapist


The box contains: 1 dynamic seat cushion with a diameter of 33cm and 1 pump


Cleaning: wipe the product with soapy, lukewarm water


Attention! Do not expose the product to radiant heat. When inflating the dynamic seat cushion, make sure that the pump valve does not pierce the lower layer with smaller spikes. For successful inflating, it is not necessary to insert the needle valve of the pump into the disc along its entire length. The product pierced with the needle valve of the pump is not subject to the warranty replacement.


Inflated, it has a payload capacity of 200 kg.


Material: PVC


Diameter size: 33 cm


This product can be accounted for health fund.

Delivery time

24-48 hours, EXPRESS DELIVERY!

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