Naturtex Royal duvet 140x200 cm 750 g
Naturtex Royal duvet 140x200 cm 750 g

Naturtex Royal duvet 140x200 cm 750 g

The Naturtex Royal twisted duvet is a high quality, Hungarian Product Grand Prize winning product with a soft, pure cotton cover and filled with high quality, white Hungarian goose down. It is a high warmth product, especially recommended for winter.


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The Naturtex Elite Down duvet is made with special care, with 100% Hungarian goose down filling, which is cleaned with thermal water and filled with selected, extra fine fluff. You are guaranteed to enjoy this luxury.


Naturtex Elite Down duvets are made with feathers and down with special insulating properties, which are lightweight yet provide a comfortable warmth. They are covered with a fine cotton yarn, specially woven with a feather and down-resistant fabric to prevent the down from unravelling.


The duvets have a cassette design, whereby the endings between the top and bottom layers prevent cold zones from forming, giving the duvet first-class thermal insulation. The natural thermal insulation and breathability of goose down is unbeatable among natural materials.


The filling of the Elite Down duvet is made with 100% extra fine selected Hungarian goose down.

Experience the special warmth of Naturtex duvet.


Washing suggestions:


We recommend dry cleaning for the most part, but if you prefer to clean the product at home, follow the instructions below:

- Wash at a maximum of 30 degrees on a wool wash programme.

- Use a conventional detergent, but avoid rinse aid.

- Tip: Place two tennis balls in the washing machine to help shake out feathers and down while washing.

- Dry in a tumble dryer!

- If washing in the summer, dry in a tumble dryer.

- Air dry for at least 24 hours in open air after drying.


Limited washing.


Wash and tumble dry no more than once a year to preserve the quality of the product!


Cover: white, 100% cotton (satin) fluff-proof angin


Filling: 100% goose down (140x200 cm - 750 g)


The duvet is washable at 30 °C!

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Duvet size
140x200 cm
Delivery time

Delivery time is approximately 2-3 weeks.

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